Living In A World With Music

I just spend the whole weened at home cleaning up and completing things i have been putting off while listening to CD after CD of songs i like. That made me think of how much music forms a part of our lives. So, i decided to write my first blog about music.

How can you define music? Calling it “organized sound” doesn’t come anywhere near to actually describing it. The feeling you get when you hear your favorite song, the memories you have of the first dance you had with your special someone or just relaxing at the end of a day of hard work by putting on some good CD..  Music forms the backdrop of so many scenes of our life. May it opera,jazz, pop or rock, it conveys a special meaning to us.

There is music for every mood and emotion. Some angry rap, a romantic melody or funky jazz to go with your mood. And if you are feeling angry at the world why not listen to some punk rock which seems to express your feelings as if the whole thing was written for you.

From sounds of everyday life to those made after hours of work in some studio, music is everywhere, we just need to listen.


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