Finally! I ‘met’ Ferris Bueller.

Everyone has heard of the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and today I finally got a chance to see it! I know it came out in late 1980’s but for some reason I have never seen this movie before.I have heard a lot about this movie in so many different places, seen scenes of it on t.v and have been meaning to watch it from a really long time. The idea of watching it was probably lying in some far, distant corner of my brain. I wonder why it never came forward when I was trying to remember some movie I would like to watch? May be it got locked up in some long-forgotten filing cabinet in my brain, named “Things to do”, with a hundred other things I haven’t gotten around to doing! Before I get lost in the contents of that cabinet, let me tell what I thought about the movie.

The movie is awesome. There are, probably, a million other movies of same genre but this one is truly a classic! For those who havent seen it yet(I wonder if there is anyone), the movie is about a high school kid who decided to skip school by fooling his parents into thinking he is sick, taking his friends for a fun day in the city while his crazy school principal tries to bust him in the act.I wish I had a friend like that to help me skip school and roam around the city because I have to admit I never had the nerve to carry out such a plan. But I have skipped school pretending to be sick a couple of times but that was nothing compared to this.A teen who knows how to get everything he wants, two friends to help with his plans, a crazy school Principal, a whole city as his playground and a musical number for no apparent reason, do u need anything else to make a movie so good? I absolutely loved Cameron, can’t help feeling sorry for the poor guy who needs to feel sick to function properly. I’m so glad I finally got to watch it.


7 thoughts on “Finally! I ‘met’ Ferris Bueller.

  1. Toni says:

    haha, cool! I’ve never seen it. maybe I should? :p

  2. ellengry says:

    Yes, thats a great film, I seen it several times, but not for years. Thanks for reminding me! And great blog ❤

  3. ur dear frnd says:

    thanks for letting me know about the movie. your blog is a sanjeevani booti for movie freaks..
    thanks buddy

  4. I love this movie, one of my favourite 80s flicks!!

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