New Artists, New Music

Over the past few weeks I have been listening to music of some new artists/bands. I found them through posts by fellow bloggers and Youtube. I have compiled a playlist of four of them that I liked and hopefully you will like them too.

Boyce Avenue

They have both song covers and original compositions. The video below is one of their original compositions.
Other songs(covers)I like : For the first time, Just the way you are(I think this is better than the original!).You can check their youtube page for the other songs –  .


Cris Cab:

I found this artist from a post by The Music Oracle . Thank you for letting me know that there is a  Cris Cab 🙂
Youtube page :   


He is we:

Found this from a blog post. I have listened to some of their songs and it seems good.
Youtube page:   HeIsWeVEVO


Red Dust Road:

I like their music. Give it a try, you might like them too.
Youtube page :   


If you know about any other artists/band, please leave a comment 🙂



16 thoughts on “New Artists, New Music

  1. sinauw says:

    saya sangat suka 🙂

  2. datsmastyle says:

    These are really some new artists. If i may ask, what kind of music do u like?

  3. Happy to share Cris Cab with you 😉 I still have his Pumped Up Kicks playing again and again!

  4. Paul Miller says:

    The video reminds me of the movie Dying Young, what a great film. I recognise the Owl City guys voice. I like the vid, nice upbeat song, thumbs up!

  5. Paul Miller says:

    Julia with big hair, haha.

  6. Jacqueline says:

    Love Foster the People! Great song!

  7. Yor Ryeter says:

    Thanks you for sharing about Cris Cab – good version! 🙂

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