The Magical World Of Harry Potter

This post is dedicated to my best friend, a die-hard fan of Harry Potter and also to all the other fans of the series. This post is not a review of the books or the movies but just my opinion. I don’t think this book or the author needs any sort of introduction but for those who are new to it I will quote from Wikipedia,Harry Potter, written by the British author J. K Rowling, is a series of seven fantasy novels which chronicle the adventures of the adolescent wizard Harry Potter and his best friends, all of whom are students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and their quest to overcome the evil dark wizard Lord Voldemort”.  Those who have read the books and/or seen the movies know that the above lines don’t even start to describe the magic that the book has unleashed on the world.

The series have enough power to captivate its audience no matter what their age or which country they are from or what language they speak. The book widened the meaning of the term “magic” in our minds from simple tricks to something powerful. I first read the book when I was 13 and fell completely in love with it. Over time other authors have replaced the top spot but this series is sure to remain etched forever in my mind. The story, the setting, the characters works its own magic by leaving an impact on its readers making sure that they only want more of it.

I loved the books more than the movies since there is more detail in the plot setting and characters but the biggest reason is that it lasts longer than the three hours of movie. It doesn’t mean the movies are not good. I loved the cast and they really do bring the story to life. My favorite book was Deathly Hallows; I like battle, adventure and such themes and this book had it. In movies the first place is a tie between Deathly Hallows Part 1 and Goblet of Fire. I keep changing my mind on which character is my favorite but if I had to choose one it would be Ron Weasley. There is lot more stuff on the net than in the books; most of them are not even mentioned in the books. Did u know that you can find the whole Black family tree on net? I was surprised to find it while going through character reviews. Guess the net has a lot to offer to the fans that are not yet ready to say good-bye to the wizarding world.Whether you are a fan of the books or the movies, they are sure to take you on a ride through a world of mystery, adventure and, of course, magic.

Hope you like this post and I would love to know your views on the series.






The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – Stieg Larsson

I came to know about this book through movie trailers. After a failed attempt to watch the movie completely on T.V I decided its better to try the book. The reason I couldn’t sit through the movie is not because its boring but that it was in Swedish so I found it irritating to have to read the subtitles to know what they were saying. I have been thinking about buying the book from some time and after receiving a suggestion from a fellow blogger decided its time to read. Thanks to her for the suggestion otherwise I might not have read this book for a long time.

The book is superb! There is really no other word to describe it. This book is first of The Millennium trilogy written by the author. The book is a crime novel and ‘locked room mystery’. The story starts with Mikael Blomkvist, journalist and publisher of Millennium magazine, loosing a libel case against Hans-Erik Wennerström, a Swedish industrialist and billionaire. He is sentenced to three months in jail. Before he start’s his period of punishment he is asked by Henrik Vanger(retired industrialist and former CEO of Vanger Corporation) to take freelance assignment in Hedeby Island. The assignment is to look into the disappearance of his niece Harriet Vanger, which occurred in 1966 but Blomkvist was to keep this a secret and use a story that he was there to publish Vanger’s biography to explain his presence in the island and to carry on his investigation. Henrik believes that his niece was murdered by someone in the family.

The other main character is Lisbeth Salander who is hacker and researcher, specializing in investigating people. She is asked by Vanger’s lawyer to look into  Blomkvist before he is given the assignment.Blomkvist later brings in Salander to be his research assistant for his investigation. Together they find out what really happened in 1966, unearthing a shocking secret about a family member. I’m not giving away the full story for the sake of those who have yet to read the book.

The book has a fast pace and interesting characters. The novel is written in such a way that you won’t be able to put it down, at least I didn’t feel like doing so and I bet you will feel the same way. I find Lisbeth Salander to be intriguing and she has become one of my favorite fictional characters. I loved reading it and can’t wait to read the rest of the trilogy.

For The Fans Of The Supernatural

This post is for all those who love the theme ‘supernatural’ whether in books, movies or anything else. Who doesn’t enjoy a good spine-chilling horror movie once in a while? It gives a good break to the usual themes of romance, tragedies, etc. I use “supernatural” as a blanket term to include ghosts, zombies, demons, vampires and all other creatures and forms man’s imagination has given birth to. I like making lists so here is a small list of books, movies, TV shows which follow this theme and are better than the rest.


This is my favorite genre in movies, so I have watched a good number of them. These are the ones I liked watching(meaning – I can watch it any number of times without loosing interest).

  • The Exorcist- I watched this first when I was 12 and it scared the hell out of me and I still find it creepy.
  • The Omen- Here I refer to the original movie.
  • The Descent
  • 28 Days later
  • Twilight saga – It’s not a horror movie but the theme is supernatural and I make you of this excuse to include it in my list since I’m a fan.
  • Ring
  • Shutter
  • Grudge
  • Nightmare on Elm Street– Its more of slasher film but it did release Freddie Kruger in our minds.
  • Poltergeist
  • Paranormal Activity –Its good movie considering the low-budget and few effects.
  • 30 Days of night.

There might be a few more but I can’t remember their names right now.

TV shows:

There are very few TV shows of this theme available in my country so I’ll name those which I have seen at least a few episodes.

  • The Walking Dead – I watched the whole season and I loved it.
  • Teen Wolf
  • Supernatural – I have watched 5 seasons and it is a pretty good show. I  love the actors so I watch it whenever possible.
  • The Vampire Diaries
  • True Blood

I have read only a few number of books related to this theme so this list is very small.

  • Twilight saga -( I use the same reason I  mentioned before)
  • Sleepy Hollow
  • Bram Stocker’s Dracula
  • Goosebumps, Fear street by R.L.Stine – I used to love reading this series as a kid.
  • Books by Stephen King – I have just started reading so I will comment about it later.

I have heard about the following authors but haven’t read their books till now – Graham Masterton, Richard Laymond and James Herbert.

This is not an exhaustive list as it is written from what I have seen, read and heard. There may be tons of other items better than those named here, so if you know about any please leave a comment to let me and others know 🙂 .

To all the fans I also include the best song capturing the essence of horror. Hope you enjoy.

Speak – Laurie Halse Anderson

My book list of August contains only one book, “Speak” by Laurie Halse Anderson. While searching through movie trailers for something to watch, I stumbled upon the movie adaptation of this book. Thanks to Youtube for letting me know such a story exists. I saw the movie and decided to read the book. It turned out to be a good decision, the book is much better than the movie and I have also become a fan of this author.

The book is a young-adult novel about a high-school freshman named Melinda Sardino who is an outcast and labeled a “squealer” for calling the police at a party. The reason for her calling the cops is later revealed that she was raped by a senior. She becomes practically a mute after the incident. She turns to art class for comfort and converts an abandoned closet into her hide-away. The story follows her life in school year as a narration by Melinda, as she struggles to come to terms with what happened and finally getting the courage to speak. The author makes use of art as a  view to the character’s mind, her drawings starting as dead and withered finally changing to those filled with life .

The novel is told with a sense of “sardonic humor and blunt honesty”. It is enjoyable and at times funny. I would recommend this book, especially to those who like reading novels of the ‘young-adult’ genre.

Finally! I ‘met’ Ferris Bueller.

Everyone has heard of the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and today I finally got a chance to see it! I know it came out in late 1980’s but for some reason I have never seen this movie before.I have heard a lot about this movie in so many different places, seen scenes of it on t.v and have been meaning to watch it from a really long time. The idea of watching it was probably lying in some far, distant corner of my brain. I wonder why it never came forward when I was trying to remember some movie I would like to watch? May be it got locked up in some long-forgotten filing cabinet in my brain, named “Things to do”, with a hundred other things I haven’t gotten around to doing! Before I get lost in the contents of that cabinet, let me tell what I thought about the movie.

The movie is awesome. There are, probably, a million other movies of same genre but this one is truly a classic! For those who havent seen it yet(I wonder if there is anyone), the movie is about a high school kid who decided to skip school by fooling his parents into thinking he is sick, taking his friends for a fun day in the city while his crazy school principal tries to bust him in the act.I wish I had a friend like that to help me skip school and roam around the city because I have to admit I never had the nerve to carry out such a plan. But I have skipped school pretending to be sick a couple of times but that was nothing compared to this.A teen who knows how to get everything he wants, two friends to help with his plans, a crazy school Principal, a whole city as his playground and a musical number for no apparent reason, do u need anything else to make a movie so good? I absolutely loved Cameron, can’t help feeling sorry for the poor guy who needs to feel sick to function properly. I’m so glad I finally got to watch it.

Favorites From Glee

Those of you who watch glee on tv, needs no telling how good the show is. For those who don’t know about the show, Glee is a musical-comedy series about a high school glee club called New Directions. The cast perform covers of songs by various artists in each episode.The cast is really awesome and they have so much talent. Their song selection is excellent and it touches so many genres so there is something for every music lover. These are my picks of some of the best songs from glee season-2. The name of the song is shown followed by the character(s) who performs it in the show.

  •  I feel pretty/Unpretty  – Quinn Fabray and Rachel Berry
  •  Valerie  – Santana Lopez with New Directions
  •  Light up the world  – New Directions
  •  Pretending  – Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson
  •  Kiss  – Will Schuester and Holly Holliday
  • Get It Right  – Rachel Berry with Brittany Pierce and Tina Cohen-Chang
  • P.Y.T.(Pretty Young Thing)  – Artie Abrams with Mike Chang
  •  Thriller/Heads Will Roll  – New Directions with McKinley High Titans
  •  Dog Days Are Over  –  Tina Cohen Chang and Mercedes Jones
  •  Me Against the Music – Brittany Pierce and Santana Lopez.

These are my favorites. Which is your favorite song from the show?


5 Authors Whose Books I love To Read

As kids the list of favorite books  mainly consisted of Enid Blyton’s , the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, etc. Now the list has considerably expanded. The following are five authors whose books coupled with a nice couch and good cup of coffee helps to make a day really good.

Dan Brown – For those whose like thrillers this author’s books is a must read. Takes you on a treasure hunt filled with  cryptic messages, keys, symbols, codes, and conspiracy theories.

Stephenie Meyer – This author needs no introduction. She made vampires and wolves part of every teens life, taking on the roles of prince charming and best friend.

Nicholas Sparks –   Love,tragedy and fate is what he writes about. I love to read because of the “love” part.

Lee Child – His ‘Jack Reacher’ series has somewhat the same effect as watching an action/thriller movie. No other author tells you how to fight like this guy.

Laurie Halse Anderson – Her young adult novels are written beautifully. Brings back memories of high school.

These are my picks. What about you? Which authors do u like to read?