Songs & Sitcoms

There are a lot of good songs being used as background music in TV shows. I thought it would be hard to find songs when all I know is one or two lines from the lyrics. Apparently, there are websites designed just for that!  I also found a site ( tunefind) where you can find songs used in each show;easier to use if you already know the episode number. Some were easier to find through Youtube. Here are some of the songs that I liked. The title is not completely correct because only one of the following was found in a sitcom, the rest belong to other genres; anyway they are all from some show or other.

‘Lifesizeby A Fine Frenzy
Found this song in an episode of ‘How I Met Your Mother’, which, I think, is one of the best comedy shows ever!!

‘Sleep Alone’ by Bat for Lashes
Heard it on the Vampire Diaries trailer. Its Indie pop and sounds similar to the songs of Florence and the machine.

‘Down’ by Jason Walker
From Season 1 (Ep 6) of Vampire Diaries.

‘Make You Feel My Love’ by Adele
Okay, so I didn’t exactly hear this first on a TV show but it is a nice song and it was there on an episode of Bones. That’s justifies it, right? 😉

‘Carry On My Wayward Son’- Kansas
This song is played on some episode every season of Supernatural (and I have watched almost all episodes of the show). They use a lot of good songs on this show.

‘Connected’ by Stereo MC
A part of this song was played in some episode of Bones ( season 6). Didn’t like it that much at first when I heard the whole song but now I kinda like the music, the electro pop of 90’s.

What do you think of these songs??


14 thoughts on “Songs & Sitcoms

  1. Annie says:

    I discover almost all my favourite music through TV-shows 🙂 Supernatural especially has had a great impact on my taste in music, and I of course love Wayward Son! Of the other songs you mention, I really liked “Lifesize” and “Down”. I watch both the shows they “come from” but don’t remember hearing them, so thanks for pointing them out for me!

  2. Ben Shotter says:

    Love “connected” Been listening to them for years, glad you found them. Bat for Lashes are great too, have you heard there son “daniel” ? Its kind of about the boy from the Karate Kid films. Great song!

  3. Tylo says:

    Next time I hear a song in the background of a TV show I will try Tunefind! It might save me some time because I pick up so much music from Tv shows you know. Carry On My Wayward Son is so cool!!! Love it! The other songs are good too, especially Sleep Alone by Bat for Lashes. Love all their stuff!!

  4. Tunefind is such a great site, it really is a timesaver 🙂 I like Carry On My Wayward Son too! It is a classic. And Down by Jason Walker is so beautiful, I really love that song.

  5. Freaking love Supernatural! I’ve made it a mission in life to download all the songs on the soundtracks just because it has an amazing taste. And Adele is simply beautiful.

  6. datsmastyle says:

    Great blog, i love the idea. Great writing man, you are really talented.

  7. Agrandefadeles says:

    Hey everybody!
    I see you’re a big fan of series and you like Adele, just like me (and millions of other people) so… I don’t know if you already know this one. Adele’s Hometown Glory is my fav. song of her, have you ever heard about it?
    I like your blog, it’s that particular case that you can almost feel like you’re home reading a book.
    Keep it up!

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