Imagine Dragons, Halestorm and more..

Imagine Dragons and Halestorm are two new bands that I have been listening to.

I found Imagine Dragons from the trailer of “The Perks of Being A wallflower”. I liked the music . I tried out some other songs from there new album “Night Visions”. Each of their songs have different music which is one of the reasons I liked this band. These days many artists bring out albums where all or atleast most of the songs have the same tune. That gets boring super fast. I’m looking forward to hearing more songs from this band.
Here’s three songs from their album, which I think take the top spots.

1. It’s Time


2. Bleeding Out


3. On Top Of The World


Glee did a cover of  “Here’s To Us” by Halestorm(the other band I’m listening to). I have listened only to a couple of their songs but I have to say the song I liked the most is this one.

Here’s To Us

(P.S The song starts at 00.14)


Other songs currently on my playlist:

  • Hall of Fame – The Script
  • Celebrate – Mika
  • Try – Pink
  • Everybody Talks – Neon Trees


That’s all for now. What have you been listening to?


Playlist Update

My playlist is always a mix of various genres. I find it better to to listen to different genres depending on whatever I feel like listening to at the moment. Right now, while I’m typing, I’ve got the soundtrack from the movie “Step Up 3” playing. I saw the movie yesterday and the I’ve got some of the music stuck in my head. Especially the song “Bust your Windows“, the one where they do the tango.

Okay, so about my current playlist. I am not exactly a Daughtry fan,and by that I mean I have heard maybe two or three of their songs.That said,  I like their new song. Its got good music. But I have to say the story-line for the video is a little stupid. A guy going after a girl just to give back a mobile phone?? And its not like he calls out/taps on the shoulder and says “Hey, you forgot your mobile”: there’s this whole action/chase sequence involved. Okay, I get it that the girl is supposed to be some spy or something but still, all this for a phone? Anyway, here is the video and links to some other songs on my playlist.

Daughtry – Outta My Head


James Blunt – 1973

Dev ft Enrique Iglesias – Naked

Shane Ward – No Promises`

Jason Mraz – 93 Million Miles

Twirl – It Girl

Playlist Update

Before i post anymore book reviews, let me tell you about the songs i’ve listening to lately. Posting videos directly seems to be creating trouble so I’ll link the names to the videos.

What have you been listening to lately??

Playlist Update

Its been a long time since I posted a playlist update.  So here are the top songs from my playlist. Which, in other words, mean they are on constant replay from the past few weeks. The current playlist is a mix of  new songs and old songs. Just to clarify, by old songs I don’t mean Beatles or Boney M. These “old” songs maybe a few months to a few years old.Hope you enjoy 🙂

 Rhythm Of Love – Plain White T’s


Call It What You Want – Foster The People


Invisible – Skyler Grey


The One That Got Away – Katy Perry


1,2,3,4 – Plain White T’s


The above are my current “Favourites”. Some of the other songs I’m listening to right now are:

Hey, Soul sister – Train

We Found Love – Boyce Avenue(Cover)

Hurricane – 30 Seconds to Mars

Where dem girls at – David Guetta feat Flo Rida

Just a little bit – Kids of 88

Good life – One Republic

Till I collapse – Eminem

Highway to Hell – AC/DC

Paradise – Coldplay

Here Without you  – Boyce Avenue (Cover)

See you later. Have a good week.

We Like How It Feels!

Enrique Iglesias, No need of introduction to this artist right? Only way you wouldn’t know about him is if you have been living under a rock. 🙂

Here is his new song “I like how it feels” featuring Pitbull.


If you want to listen to the song without the screaming fans and the talking, click here.

I listened to Enrique for the first time when I was around 10 and have been listening  to all of  his songs since then. I won’t say I like each and every song but there are definitely some songs I like to listen to again and again. Here are some of my all time favorites :

Did I forget to add any of his awesome hits?

Which is your favorite?

Playlist Update #2

This month is turning out to be a good one. I saw some good movies, read good books and found a lot of songs to add to my playlist. I posted my playlist update a only few days ago and I have already found new songs, so here is another update. Most of these songs are already popular so there is a good chance all of you have heard these, if you haven’t then give it a try.

Coldplay – Paradise


Cobra Starship Ft Sabi – You Make Me Feel


Lady Antebellum – Just a kiss


Rihanna – We Found Love


Timbaland ft Veronica – Give It A Go

Found this from the soundtrack of Real Steel.


What do you think? Good enough to enter your playlist?

Playlist Update

I have heard a lot of new songs over the last few weeks. Here are some of the songs that have made the cut to be added to my ” replay till you get bored” list. 🙂

Boyce Avenue – Faithfully(cover)  

David Guetta ft Usher – Without You

Kelly Clarkson – Mr.Know It All

Young The Giant – My Body

Five Finger Death Punch – Far From Home


Have you found any cool new songs? Leave a comment and let me know..