Forward For Luck, Delete For Chaos

I have been receiving mail and SMS (probably you too have) from some years now containing some story about people who received the same message and the ending is always “you have to send this to x number of people or …” The ending of the request ranges from you’ll have bad luck, unlucky in love to death! Death, the ultimate punishment, is usually reserved for those who delete it. It even comes with a time limit which may be a few minutes or even a day if they are feeling generous. By “they” I refer to whichever Phone Company or person who started this chain of messages. Some message ask you to make a wish before reading the rest of the mail and when you reach the end you see the above message waiting;send it to others or else…., you can guess the rest! 

I find it amusing that most people actually forward it! May be they don’t want to take a chance. And forwarding messages to have luck in love? That paints a picture of desperation. Whatever the reason may be, the mails and SMS keep on coming. People have had bad luck and good luck before cell phones and e-mail and with that belief I’ll keep on deleting it.  🙂 It has been some years now and I’m still alive right?!!

Is it because people think may be even the angels of luck have moved into age of technology? Then it would mean that from now on cell phones and e-mail will decide who deserves what. That seems really ridiculous to me!