We Like How It Feels!

Enrique Iglesias, No need of introduction to this artist right? Only way you wouldn’t know about him is if you have been living under a rock. 🙂

Here is his new song “I like how it feels” featuring Pitbull.


If you want to listen to the song without the screaming fans and the talking, click here.

I listened to Enrique for the first time when I was around 10 and have been listening  to all of  his songs since then. I won’t say I like each and every song but there are definitely some songs I like to listen to again and again. Here are some of my all time favorites :

Did I forget to add any of his awesome hits?

Which is your favorite?


Songs & Sitcoms #2

Three main shows that I have been watching lately are Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf and Pretty Little Liars. All of them have good soundtracks. Here are some of the songs that I liked from the shows. I have included songs only from two or three episodes of each show. I haven’t heard the full version of songs from other episodes, so I’ll post about them later.

Enjoy! 🙂

‘Ashes and Wine’ By A Fine Frenzy
From Vampire Diaries s02e03

‘Just a little bit’ By Kids of 88
Teen Wolf season 1(ep1). I haven’t seen the 80’s version of this show but I’m pretty sure this is the better one.

‘Internet Killed the Video Star’ By  The Limousines
Teen Wolf S01.

‘Don’t trust me’ by 3OH!3
Pretty Little Liars Season 1(ep1). Really nice show. I like the setting, the plot and the actors.

‘What I like- Jackie’ By James
Again from Pretty Little Liars season 1. This show has the best song selection I have seen in a show other than  Supernatural.


Songs & Sitcoms

There are a lot of good songs being used as background music in TV shows. I thought it would be hard to find songs when all I know is one or two lines from the lyrics. Apparently, there are websites designed just for that!  I also found a site ( tunefind) where you can find songs used in each show;easier to use if you already know the episode number. Some were easier to find through Youtube. Here are some of the songs that I liked. The title is not completely correct because only one of the following was found in a sitcom, the rest belong to other genres; anyway they are all from some show or other.

‘Lifesizeby A Fine Frenzy
Found this song in an episode of ‘How I Met Your Mother’, which, I think, is one of the best comedy shows ever!!

‘Sleep Alone’ by Bat for Lashes
Heard it on the Vampire Diaries trailer. Its Indie pop and sounds similar to the songs of Florence and the machine.

‘Down’ by Jason Walker
From Season 1 (Ep 6) of Vampire Diaries.

‘Make You Feel My Love’ by Adele
Okay, so I didn’t exactly hear this first on a TV show but it is a nice song and it was there on an episode of Bones. That’s justifies it, right? 😉

‘Carry On My Wayward Son’- Kansas
This song is played on some episode every season of Supernatural (and I have watched almost all episodes of the show). They use a lot of good songs on this show.

‘Connected’ by Stereo MC
A part of this song was played in some episode of Bones ( season 6). Didn’t like it that much at first when I heard the whole song but now I kinda like the music, the electro pop of 90’s.

What do you think of these songs??

Songs From Playlist

Everyone has their own preference in what kind of  music they listen to. I thought of posting my current playlist to see if others like these songs too.Here are the most played songs from my playlist. It’s in no particular order and there are songs from more than one genre in there. I keep updating the list whenever I find new songs that I like, which is every week or so. The songs I really like remain there for months; or till I get tired of it. If you haven’t heard some of these you can listen and decide if you want to add them to your playlist.

  • Highway to hell –AC/DC
  • Smells like teen spirit  – Nirvana
  • Lighters – Bad Meets evil ft Bruno Mars
  • How to love – Lil Wayne
  •  Moves like Jagger – Maroon 5
  • Cheers(drink to that) – Rihanna
  • Rolling in the deep – Adele
  • Every teardrop is a waterfall – Coldplay
  • Nothing – The Script
  • Where them girls at – David Guetta ft Nicki Minaj, Flo rida
  • Rain over me – Pitbull ft Marc Anthony
  • If I never see your face again – Maroon 5 ft Rihanna
  • Pumped up kicks – Cris Cab / Foster the people
  • Good life – One republic
  • To the sky – Owl city
  • Sing for the moment – Eminem
  • Can’t keep my hands off you – Simple plan
  • Lifesize – A Fine Frenzy
  • Water the water gave me –Florence+ The machine
  • Carry on my wayward son -Kansas

There are some more songs but I don’t play them often so not going include them in this list.

What kind of music do u listen to and which song is your favorite right now??



New Artists, New Music

Over the past few weeks I have been listening to music of some new artists/bands. I found them through posts by fellow bloggers and Youtube. I have compiled a playlist of four of them that I liked and hopefully you will like them too.

Boyce Avenue

They have both song covers and original compositions. The video below is one of their original compositions.
Other songs(covers)I like : For the first time, Just the way you are(I think this is better than the original!).You can check their youtube page for the other songs –  .


Cris Cab:

I found this artist from a post by The Music Oracle . Thank you for letting me know that there is a  Cris Cab 🙂
Youtube page :   


He is we:

Found this from a blog post. I have listened to some of their songs and it seems good.
Youtube page:   HeIsWeVEVO


Red Dust Road:

I like their music. Give it a try, you might like them too.
Youtube page :   


If you know about any other artists/band, please leave a comment 🙂