Playlist Update

My playlist is always a mix of various genres. I find it better to to listen to different genres depending on whatever I feel like listening to at the moment. Right now, while I’m typing, I’ve got the soundtrack from the movie “Step Up 3” playing. I saw the movie yesterday and the I’ve got some of the music stuck in my head. Especially the song “Bust your Windows“, the one where they do the tango.

Okay, so about my current playlist. I am not exactly a Daughtry fan,and by that I mean I have heard maybe two or three of their songs.That said,  I like their new song. Its got good music. But I have to say the story-line for the video is a little stupid. A guy going after a girl just to give back a mobile phone?? And its not like he calls out/taps on the shoulder and says “Hey, you forgot your mobile”: there’s this whole action/chase sequence involved. Okay, I get it that the girl is supposed to be some spy or something but still, all this for a phone? Anyway, here is the video and links to some other songs on my playlist.

Daughtry – Outta My Head


James Blunt – 1973

Dev ft Enrique Iglesias – Naked

Shane Ward – No Promises`

Jason Mraz – 93 Million Miles

Twirl – It Girl


Playlist Update #2

This month is turning out to be a good one. I saw some good movies, read good books and found a lot of songs to add to my playlist. I posted my playlist update a only few days ago and I have already found new songs, so here is another update. Most of these songs are already popular so there is a good chance all of you have heard these, if you haven’t then give it a try.

Coldplay – Paradise


Cobra Starship Ft Sabi – You Make Me Feel


Lady Antebellum – Just a kiss


Rihanna – We Found Love


Timbaland ft Veronica – Give It A Go

Found this from the soundtrack of Real Steel.


What do you think? Good enough to enter your playlist?

Songs & Sitcoms #2

Three main shows that I have been watching lately are Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf and Pretty Little Liars. All of them have good soundtracks. Here are some of the songs that I liked from the shows. I have included songs only from two or three episodes of each show. I haven’t heard the full version of songs from other episodes, so I’ll post about them later.

Enjoy! 🙂

‘Ashes and Wine’ By A Fine Frenzy
From Vampire Diaries s02e03

‘Just a little bit’ By Kids of 88
Teen Wolf season 1(ep1). I haven’t seen the 80’s version of this show but I’m pretty sure this is the better one.

‘Internet Killed the Video Star’ By  The Limousines
Teen Wolf S01.

‘Don’t trust me’ by 3OH!3
Pretty Little Liars Season 1(ep1). Really nice show. I like the setting, the plot and the actors.

‘What I like- Jackie’ By James
Again from Pretty Little Liars season 1. This show has the best song selection I have seen in a show other than  Supernatural.


Songs & Sitcoms

There are a lot of good songs being used as background music in TV shows. I thought it would be hard to find songs when all I know is one or two lines from the lyrics. Apparently, there are websites designed just for that!  I also found a site ( tunefind) where you can find songs used in each show;easier to use if you already know the episode number. Some were easier to find through Youtube. Here are some of the songs that I liked. The title is not completely correct because only one of the following was found in a sitcom, the rest belong to other genres; anyway they are all from some show or other.

‘Lifesizeby A Fine Frenzy
Found this song in an episode of ‘How I Met Your Mother’, which, I think, is one of the best comedy shows ever!!

‘Sleep Alone’ by Bat for Lashes
Heard it on the Vampire Diaries trailer. Its Indie pop and sounds similar to the songs of Florence and the machine.

‘Down’ by Jason Walker
From Season 1 (Ep 6) of Vampire Diaries.

‘Make You Feel My Love’ by Adele
Okay, so I didn’t exactly hear this first on a TV show but it is a nice song and it was there on an episode of Bones. That’s justifies it, right? 😉

‘Carry On My Wayward Son’- Kansas
This song is played on some episode every season of Supernatural (and I have watched almost all episodes of the show). They use a lot of good songs on this show.

‘Connected’ by Stereo MC
A part of this song was played in some episode of Bones ( season 6). Didn’t like it that much at first when I heard the whole song but now I kinda like the music, the electro pop of 90’s.

What do you think of these songs??

Favorites From Glee

Those of you who watch glee on tv, needs no telling how good the show is. For those who don’t know about the show, Glee is a musical-comedy series about a high school glee club called New Directions. The cast perform covers of songs by various artists in each episode.The cast is really awesome and they have so much talent. Their song selection is excellent and it touches so many genres so there is something for every music lover. These are my picks of some of the best songs from glee season-2. The name of the song is shown followed by the character(s) who performs it in the show.

  •  I feel pretty/Unpretty  – Quinn Fabray and Rachel Berry
  •  Valerie  – Santana Lopez with New Directions
  •  Light up the world  – New Directions
  •  Pretending  – Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson
  •  Kiss  – Will Schuester and Holly Holliday
  • Get It Right  – Rachel Berry with Brittany Pierce and Tina Cohen-Chang
  • P.Y.T.(Pretty Young Thing)  – Artie Abrams with Mike Chang
  •  Thriller/Heads Will Roll  – New Directions with McKinley High Titans
  •  Dog Days Are Over  –  Tina Cohen Chang and Mercedes Jones
  •  Me Against the Music – Brittany Pierce and Santana Lopez.

These are my favorites. Which is your favorite song from the show?